HGST 6TB NAS V2 Speed test with Black Magic – HDN726060ALE614 0S03941

hgst 6tb nas drive

HGST 6TB NAS V2 Speed test with Black Magic – HDN726060ALE614 0S03941

HGST Deskstar NAS v2 (Retail) 6TB
HDN726060ALE614 H3IKNASN600012872SE 0S03941
3.5″ SATA 6Gb/s
Test with Black Magic

£200+ https://www.span.com/product/HGST-Des…

6TB Data
7200 RPM
3yr Warranty

1 million hours MTBF
Lovely spin up speed there and hitting the 190’s very quickly indeed, then creeping a little slower over the 200-205 mark in Write

Likewise initial Read performs almost identically

Now to drive’s platters are are up and running we are now seeing both read and write break the teens in the 200MB/s marks

These figures are maintains with a little ebb and flow through out each res test and consistantly hitting the 200-2010 MB/s and often living in the upper teens.

Definitely a well performing NAS drive

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