Toshiba Enterprise HDD AL15SE series Launched


Enterprise HDD AL15SE

Enterprise Performance HDD

AL15SEBxxEx Series

AL15SEB Series

The 12.0 Gbit/s SAS interface AL15SEB Series Enterprise Performance HDDs provide up to 2.4 TB capacity and 10,500rpm performance with Enterprise-class reliability.

Engineered for mission-critical IT operations, including database servers and hybrid storage platforms, AL15SE Series provides a range of models including 512 native (512n), or emulated 512 (512e) or 4K native(4Kn) sector length technologies for suitable application and operating system compatibility.

Toshiba Persistent Write Cache technology protects against data loss in the event of unexpected power loss and helps maintain suitable performance and data reliability for high-duty cycle Mission Critical Environments.

Key Features

  • 2400, 1800, 1200, 900 and 600 GB Capacity (Advanced Format sector technology models)
  • 1200, 900, 600, 300GB (512n sector technology models)
  • Space Efficient, Power Saving 2.5-inch Form Factor
  • 12.0 Gbit/s SAS Interface for Better Performance
  • 10,500 rpm Performance
  • Industry Leading Average Latency (2.86ms)
  • 24/7 Mission Critical Workload Performance and Data Reliability
  • 512n sector length support in all capacities for optimum legacy application compatibility
  • Toshiba Persistent Write Cache Technology
  • Sanitize Instant Erase (SIE) Option


  • Tier 1 Mission-Critical Servers and RAID Storage
  • Tier 1 Hybrid Storage platforms
  • Servers hosting transaction-based applications
  • Rack-Optimized Data Centers
  • Content Serving with low-latency requirements
  • Software-defined and Converged Storage architecture
  • Mission-Critical Server Boot and Logging


Model Numbers Interface Formatted Capacity Sector Format Optional Security
AL15SEB24EP SAS-3.0 2400 GB 4Kn
AL15SEB24EQ SAS-3.0 2400 GB 512e
AL15SEB18EP SAS-3.0 1800 GB 4Kn
AL15SEB18EQ SAS-3.0 1800 GB 512e
AL15SEB12EP SAS-3.0 1200 GB 4Kn
AL15SEB12EQ SAS-3.0 1200 GB 512e
AL15SEB120N SAS-3.0 1200 GB 512n
AL15SEB09EP SAS-3.0 900 GB 4Kn
AL15SEB09EQ SAS-3.0 900 GB 512e
AL15SEB090N SAS-3.0 900 GB 512n
AL15SEB06EP SAS-3.0 600 GB 4Kn
AL15SEB06EQ SAS-3.0 600 GB 512e
AL15SEB060N SAS-3.0 600 GB 512n
AL15SEB030N SAS-3.0 300 GB 512 n
AL15SEB24EPY SAS-3.0 2400 GB 4Kn SIE
AL15SEB24EQY SAS-3.0 2400 GB 512e SIE
AL15SEB18EPY SAS-3.0 1800 GB 4Kn SIE
AL15SEB18EQY SAS-3.0 1800 GB 512e SIE
AL15SEB12EPY SAS-3.0 1200 GB 4Kn SIE
AL15SEB12EQY SAS-3.0 1200 GB 512e SIE
AL15SEB120NY SAS-3.0 1200 GB 512n SIE
AL15SEB09EPY SAS-3.0 900 GB 4Kn SIE
AL15SEB09EQY SAS-3.0 900 GB 512e SIE
AL15SEB090NY SAS-3.0 900 GB 512n SIE
AL15SEB06EPY SAS-3.0 600 GB 4Kn SIE
AL15SEB06EQY SAS-3.0 600 GB 512e SIE
AL15SEB060NY SAS-3.0 600 GB 512n SIE
AL15SEB030NY SAS-3.0 300 GB 512n SIE