WD Purple VS Seagate Surveillance

wd or seagate surveillance

WD Purple VS Seagate Surveillance

Which one can you rely on to keep the film rolling? Find out

With Security (both physically and digitally) being such a hot topic at the moment, a large number of people are finding themselves in need of good, reliable and dependable surveillance solutions. Ahead of the curve in this field are those two veterans of the data storage market, Western Digital and Seagate. Both have been pioneering their Surveillance dedicated range of drives for a number of years now and today we want to answer the question, which one suits your needs and (if possible) which one is better?

The seagate can be found here http://www.span.com/product/Seagate-S…

For more information of the specs, compatibility and where to buy, please check the link below. Enjoy.

http://www.span.com/l/9LD1pn – Seagate Surveillance Drives

http://www.span.com/l/kYeVJ2 – Western Digital

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